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Experience Oahu's diverse dining options, ranging from traditional Hawaiian dishes to an array of international cuisines such as seafood, vegan, Italian, and Asian. While Oahu’s restaurants allow you to enjoy authentic Hawaiian dishes like Poke, Laulau, Poi, and Lomi salmon, there are also plenty of options to satisfy any culinary preference. The island’s rich blend of ethnicities and cultures contributes to a vibrant dining scene, offering everything from continental American to various ethnic specialties, ensuring a perfect restaurant choice for any taste and occasion.

Crouching Lion

The Crouching Lion Restaurant, located in Ka'a'awa, Oahu, is a historic and iconic dining spot that has recently reopened after being closed for nearly a decade. Situated along the picturesque Kamehameha Highway, the restaurant offers stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty. Known for its revamped look and updated menu, the Crouching Lion serves a variety of dishes that cater to both locals and visitors, making it a must-visit for those exploring the Windward Coast of Oahu​

Haleiwa Joes Haiku

Haleiwa Joe's Haiku is a popular restaurant located in Kaneohe, Oahu, renowned for its breathtaking views of the lush Haiku Gardens and the majestic Ko'olau Mountains. This dining establishment offers a relaxed, open-air atmosphere where guests can enjoy a diverse menu featuring fresh seafood, steaks, and island-inspired dishes. Known for its friendly service and stunning natural surroundings, Haleiwa Joe's Haiku is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists seeking a memorable dining experience in a beautiful setting.

Buzz's Kailua

Buzz's Kailua, is a beloved local restaurant located near Kailua Beach on Oahu. Known for its casual and laid-back atmosphere, Buzz's Kailua offers a menu featuring a variety of steaks, fresh seafood, and Hawaiian-inspired dishes. The restaurant is celebrated for its friendly service, tropical cocktails, and charming tiki-themed decor, making it a popular dining spot for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a hearty meal in a relaxed beachside setting.

Helena's Hawaiian Food

Helena's Hawaiian Food in Kalihi serves traditional Hawaiian dishes, including kalua pig and luau squid. Menu D offers a variety of flavors. Don't miss the Fried Butterfish Collar.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery, famous for its coco puffs and butter rolls, offers a taste of Hawaii.

Romy's Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp

Visit Romy's Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp for buttery garlic shrimp, seafood delights, and secret shoyu sauce. Taste the signature dish with soft rice.

Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch offers the freshest poke on the island. Choose from bold firecracker or traditional poke, or try the crab-stuffed ahi plate.

Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha (HOPA) serves delicious shaved ice bowls with fruity syrup, ice cream, and fresh fruit toppings. Try local snacks like li hing mui seeds.

Hula Grill Waikiki

Hula Grill Waikiki offers ocean views and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, focusing on regional and global cuisine.

Sprigs Grill

Sprigs Grill specializes in Hawaii Regional Cuisine featuring fresh seafood and local produce.

Seaside Grill

Seaside Grill provides beachside dining with ocean views and a menu featuring fresh seafood, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and desserts.

Goma Tei Ramen

Goma Tei Ramen is a local favorite for ramen with house-made soup broth and roasted sesame seeds. They also offer rice from Hokkaido, Japan.

Sky Waikiki

Sky Waikiki is a premier rooftop bistro, lounge, and nightclub with breathtaking views, signature cocktails, live music, and award-winning cuisine.

Chef Chai

Chef Chai at Pacifica Tower is known for innovative Hawaiian cuisine, fusing fresh local ingredients with exotic flavors. Voted Best New Restaurant in 2013.